European projects offer a host of opportunities for both your organisation and your own professional development. However, managing a project in your second language can be difficult, and when a consortium is made up of many different partners, all with different language backgrounds, it can be a recipe for miscommunication. Communication breakdowns can be disastrous for a project but, thankfully, many can be avoided through improved English language competency and communication skills.

At M-Powered, we offer a unique online course to help European project managers to improve their English language competency. It focuses specifically on the kind of vocabulary, phrases, and skills necessary to navigate EU projects successfully. Our course is also designed around project management communication strategies, so you can learn all about managing communications while improving your English!

This course features:

  • Free 30-minute introductory Skype session with no commitment necessary to assess learner needs
  • Lessons delivered via Skype to work around your schedule
  • Practice quizzes and revision exercises provided after each lesson
  • Lessons tailored to deal with specific vocabulary and skills central to your project

For whom?

This course is for anyone who is engaged in projects, whether you work for the social, educator or non-profit sector.


Improve your English language competency in the following areas:

  • Project vocabulary and terminology
  • Managing meetings (on and offline)
  • Email and other written communications
  • Socialising and building rapport with partners
  • Common communication barriers and mistakes
  • Presentation skills
  • Key grammar and pronunciation areas identified for improvement


Kick-off: 30-minute meeting with your teacher to assess your needs and discuss areas that you would like to improve.

Week 1:

Meeting vocabulary, pronunciation, phrases

Week 2:

Written communications and emails

Week 3:

Presentation vocabulary, pronunciation, phrases

Week 4:

Agendas, minutes, reports

Week 5:

Socialising and partnership building

Week 6:

Review and practice of skills

Each topic will also feature short grammar and pronunciation lessons based on the learner’s individual needs. The practice lessons and language used will be adapted to be relevant to your area of work and common communication barriers will be explored in each lesson.


  • Certificate of Completion

Course details

Classes take place over Skype. Only evening and weekend slots available.

6-week course: 2 hours per week, €350

Individual one-on-one lessons: €30 per hour

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