Every two weeks, we publish blog updates on a variety of topics, including project management, Design Thinking and work-life balance. Through these short articles, we aim to help you to think more creatively, enjoy your projects more, and keep a healthy balance between your professional and personal life.

The Myth of the Creative

I’m a creative type. Growing up I had a rich and diverse network of imaginary friends, something that was mostly bemusing and at times alarming for my long-suffering parents. I loved and still love writing, drawing, painting and making things. My whole life, I was...

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Project Preparation Checklist

The summer is almost over. Are you disappointed? Or do you feel well rested and keen to face new challenges? I hope it’s the latter! The beginning of autumn is the time when most organisations (especially the ones who are interested in receiving EU grants) start...

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Test your stress

We’ve all had those days: A rush in the morning because we got up a little too late, an unexpected traffic jam making us late for work. Stress. A difficult team meeting, being delegated unwanted tasks. More stress. Finally getting home only to have more unpleasant...

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