Every two weeks, we publish blog updates on a variety of topics, including project management, Design Thinking and work-life balance. Through these short articles, we aim to help you to think more creatively, enjoy your projects more, and keep a healthy balance between your professional and personal life.

Balance your Stress

Initially, I wanted to dedicate this newsletter to the complex and ever-changing topic of managing a project team: How to empower people, how to meet project demands, and how to maintain motivation and engagement in your team. As I was mulling this topic over, I...

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Balance is a choice

When it comes to maintaining balance in life, two words spring to my mind: happiness and choices. For me, happiness is a synonym of balance and it comes as a consequence of the choices we make. Some of you may have seen the TED Talk “What makes a good life?” by Robert...

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Risk management in projects

Have you ever participated in a project that was run 100 percent according to a plan, with no delays, no budget overspending, no issues with resources, no communication problems, and no conflicts? I didn’t think so. There are a lot of risk factors in projects and even...

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Design Thinking in education

My sons don’t have much to envy about being an adult. They have a lovely school and home life, few responsibilities, and an endless appetite for fun, and so they see very little benefit to this whole idea of “growing up”. However, there is one notable exception when...

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Keeping Balance

It might seem strange that Work Life Balance experts are sending you a newsletter on Christmas day. However, I assure you that right now, I am sitting with my family enjoying a traditional Polish Christmas dinner, including many delicious pierogi! It is thanks to the...

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Design Thinking vs. Chaos

In today's blog article, I will focus on the theme of Design Thinking (DT). Everyone knows what “design” and “thinking” mean individually, but only few will have come across the concept of the Design Thinking process. So, why is it worth talking about? I first used...

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Planning boring project meetings

We’ve all been at them. Those meetings where every minute feels like an hour and you struggle to listen to someone drone on about deadlines and deliverables, while trying to resist the urge to doodle. Now imagine that you’ve travelled across a continent and left your...

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